Culture minister’s close MBS relations

Culture minister Prince Badr Bin Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Nasir Bin Saud Bin Ibrahim Bin Abdallah Bin Farhan Bin Saud (to give him his full name) has been close to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) for at least a decade. Badr is a great-grandson of Nasir Bin Saud (died 1939), who accompanied Ibn Saud on the 1902 raid on Riyadh. In December 2015, Badr was appointed chairman of media conglomerate Saudi Research and Marketing Group, which is closely tied to the Al-Salman. However, he was in MBS’s orbit some years before that. 9th May, Issue 1080. Read more

Bahrain's Economic Performance

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Gulf boundaries and hydrocarbons infrastructure

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The Gulf region: economy and society

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Iraqi Kurdistan hydrocarbons infrastructure map

Revised in January 2015, this map provides a detailed overview of hydrocarbons infrastructure in the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

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Kuwait struggles to adjust to impact of Covid-19 and low oil

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to override all other issues in Kuwait. While the initial response to the...

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GCC’s coronavirus and other crises offer an opportunity for Iran

The Gulf Co-operation Council states are in a more delicate and divided condition than they have been for decades – a set...

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Coronavirus and oil crisis present MBS with unprecedented tests

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has worked hard to remove any possibility of political opposition emerging from within Al-Saud ranks over the past five years. This campaign has involved several bouts of locking up senior family members, with the clear backing of his father King Salman, most notably in November 2017 but most recently in March when Princes Ahmed Bin Abdelaziz and Mohammed Bin Nayef were moved from house arrest to prison.

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