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To mark the tenth anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2013, and to give wider public access to examples of our reporting and analysis, GSN  unlocked the archive of its newsletters published in 2003. 
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Gulf States Newsletter (GSN)Issue 972 - 19 June 2014. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 926 - 21 June 2012. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 907 - 2 September 2011. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 800 - 2 March 2007. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 651 - 18 December 2001. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 404 - 11 February 1991. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 308 - 23 March 1987. Download the full issue PDF

Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 150 - 17 November 1980. Download the full issue PDF



Sample articles

Controversial Saudi cleric Nimr Al-Nimr arrested

The provocative arrest of prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr was most likely triggered by internal concerns and pressure from hardline clerics; it has crushed local hopes that the death of Prince Nayef might lead to a changed approach from Riyadh.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 928 - 19 July 2012. Read more

Iraqiya suspends talks until demands are met

Iraqiya leader Ayad Allawi’s decision to suspend talks with prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki until demands on reform are met is the biggest threat to Iraq’s political stability since the current government was formed.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 902 - 10 June 2011. Read more

Yemeni opposition cages in Saleh as violence prompts high-profile defections

As the president’s close allies declare open support for protesters demanding regime change, the balance of power in the capital has shifted.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 897 - 25 March 2011. Read more

Search for security underpins Iran’s economic co-operation with Iraq

The confusion of a post-Saddam Iraq has presented Iran with countless opportunities to extend its tentacles of influence. GSN outlines the Islamic Republic’s strategy for keeping its rival at bay.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 889 - 10 November 2010. Read more

Saudi tensions to draw regional and global focus in 2004

Iraqi politics will continue to preoccupy Western politicians and the Gulf media, but unfolding ideological and personal conflicts in Saudi Arabia could well provide the defining issue of 2004.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 725 - 9 January 2004
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CPA still trapped within walls of its own making

Washington has failed to shock and awe Iraqis with its peace-keeping tactics, the CPA’s record is mediocre and policing operations have alienated swathes of Iraqi opinion, but civilian administrators’ failures mean that most Iraqis still fear an early US military withdrawal.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN) Issue 722 - 14 November 2003. Read more

Iraq: Between a virtuous outcome and catastrophe – three scenarios for an uncertain future

Even before Iraqis are confronted with the awe and terror of an unprecedented US-led bombardment – expected soon after the initial assault on the Baathist establishment and its defences, launched on 20 March as GSN went to press – businesses have been steeling themselves to chase the opportunities that will be offered by a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq . Even before the war starts, it seems to be over for Saddam Hussein, with the USA awarding reconstruction contracts – whose legality of which is questionable – and companies already dreaming about the contracts on offer.
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN), Issue 706 - 21 March 2003. Read more

Bush team caught between interventionist temptations and isolationist urges

When nominees for George W Bush’s new cabinet present themselves for confirmation on Capitol Hill, none is assured of an easier ride than General Colin Powell, the former Gulf War Chief-of-Staff who is to become Secretary of State in the new US administration. The Republican conservative ideologues picked for some sensitive domestic portfolios under the Bush II regime are likely to face tough questions from a Senate where Democrat gains in November’s election have brought the two parties to 50:50 parity (although the casting vote will lie with Bush’s deputy Dick Cheney).
Gulf States Newsletter (GSN), issue 652 - 8 January 2001. Read more

2001: Year Of the terrorist, Afghans the target    

Whoever finally emerges as US President is likely to make the fight against “terrorism” a key foreign policy priority during the early months of their administration. In this crusade it is not just traditional allies such as the UK that will provide backing. Gulf heavyweights are also looking to act against sponsors of “terrorism”, which include some of Washington’s bogey people—although as the Al Aqsa intifada unfolds in the Palestinian territories, Saudi Arabia’s list of terrorist states, as well as Iran’s, is headed by Israel.
Gulf States Newsletter issue 651 - 18 December 2000. Read more



Risk Management Report samples

Bahrain: More rallies, more wounded as clashes with security forces continue

Bahrain is in the midst of a political crisis that began in February 2011,when protesters, inspired by events elsewhere in the region, took to the streets to demand political change. The uprising was largely crushed, but protests have continued on a smaller scale, and political demands on the side of the protesters have, if anything, hardened.
Bahrain RMR, Issue 929 - 2 August 2012.

Growing tensions with Baghdad over oil law, Hashemi

Long- standing political tensions between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Baghdad have escalated in recent months, putting the Kurds at the centre of Iraqi politics: issues at stake include the presence on Kurdish soil of fugitive vice president Tariq Al-Hashemi, wanted by Baghdad, and a dispute over oil contracts which shows no signs of resolution.
Iraqi Kurdistan RMR, Issue 919 - 8 March 2012

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Bahrain's Economic Performance

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Gulf boundaries and hydrocarbons infrastructure

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The Gulf region: economy and society

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Iraqi Kurdistan hydrocarbons infrastructure map

Revised in January 2015, this map provides a detailed overview of hydrocarbons infrastructure in the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

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