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Speculation mounts over Omani finances, succession and Saudi relations

The Ministry of Finance in Muscat has been forced to deny a report by the Reuters news wire that the sultanate has held talks...

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Trump’s domestic priorities may weigh heavy on Gulf economies

While governments around the Gulf struggle to come to terms with what the looming Donald Trump presidency might mean for them...

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Court cases expose Western allies’ differences over Iran sanctions

The result of the United States’ presidential election has put in doubt the future of the July 2015 Joint Comprehensive...

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Obituary: Emir Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani, 1932-2016

The former emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Hamad Al-Thani, died on 23 October at the age of 84. He ruled Qatar from 1972...

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Big business helps Iranian clerics, IRGC to dig in for the long term

An election victory next May seems to be Presidential Hassan Rouhani’s to lose, but the big winners on the Iranian business...

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Gulf leaders’ ‘go it alone’ approach’ spells trouble for the region

The political situation around the Middle East may be as bad as any time in recent memory, but there is the potential for...

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Stability critical, but Bahrain’s crackdown threatens new instability

The Bahrain government appears unwavering in its determination to crush what is left of the country’s peaceful opposition...

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UAE withdraws troops, leaves Saudi Arabia to run Yemen conflict

Two days after the UAE Armed Forces suffered two separate fatal aircraft crashes, minister of state for foreign affairs Anwar...

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Charity, civil society begin at the top in highly centralised polities

To what extent could Gulf polities become more pluralist and different groups, like Christian congregations, Asian workers...

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Saudi Arabia: ‘Unsatisfactory’ electricity and water minister sacked

This much we know about regional diplomacy. Led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) states will...

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Bahrain's Economic Performance

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Gulf boundaries and hydrocarbons infrastructure

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The Gulf region: economy and society

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Iraqi Kurdistan hydrocarbons infrastructure map

Revised in January 2015, this map provides a detailed overview of hydrocarbons infrastructure in the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

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More stable oil prices could reduce budget problems in 2019

The oil price remains volatile, but ministries of finance may take comfort in the views of their hydrocarbons sector...

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Weak Saudi investment flows point to economic trouble ahead

Away from the spin and razzmatazz of last month’s Future Investment Initiative (FII) conference in Riyadh, analysts are...

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Consultants face scrutiny but are locked into their Saudi business

As Turkey drags out the aftermath of the Jamal Khashoggi affair and Saudi Arabia responds by seeking culprits higher up the...

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