Oman: Budget spending rises while deficit falls

Muscat is planning to spend OR12.9bn ($33.6bn) over the course of this year, OR400m more than forecast in the 2018 budget. According to local media reports, the budget is based on an oil price assumption of $58 a barrel, with total revenues forecast at OR10.1bn in 2019 The projected deficit of OR2.8bn is slightly lower than the OR3bn shortfall predicted in the 2018 budget.The government plans to borrow to cover most of the deficit, with OR2.4bn to be raised in international and domestic debt and the rest coming from withdrawals from reserves. 10th January 2019, Issue 1,072. Read more

Bahrain's Economic Performance

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Gulf boundaries and hydrocarbons infrastructure

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The Gulf region: economy and society

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Iraqi Kurdistan hydrocarbons infrastructure map

Revised in January 2015, this map provides a detailed overview of hydrocarbons infrastructure in the Kurdistan area of Iraq.

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Region: Azerbaijan cultivates range of relations

Azerbaijan’s capital Baku played host to another group of visiting Gulf officials on 18 March as a Saudi delegation led by...

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Progress in Hodeidah but warnings of trouble elsewhere in Yemen

In United Nations-backed talks in Hodeidah in mid-February, a detailed programme of action was agreed to implement a Houthi withdrawal from the port city – the first of the three areas of agreement at the Stockholm peace conference in December. The plan should allow a resumption of humanitarian operations at the port under UN supervision – a critical step if the famine sweeping Yemen is to be tackled – but progress remains painfully slow and Hodeidah remains just one part of a complex arena.

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Khashoggi’s ghost still haunts Saudi policy in Yemen and MBS at home

Try as it might, Saudi Arabia can’t put the murder of Jamal Khashoggi behind it. Four months after the brutal killing in...

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