Yemen conflict: Houthi smuggling routes – December 2021

Yemen Houthi smuggling Map Dec21
Issue 1138
13 December 2021

Published December 2021 this map illustrates the importance of the Houthis success in securing control of vital smuggling routes from the Gulf of Aden coast up to Sanaa.

Recent developments in the conflict have seen Houthis consolidate control over territory in western Marib province, creating a huge buffer zone protecting their centre in Sanaa, while making important advances in Al-Bayda and Shebwa.

The map features an inset focus on this region, showing strategic locations, Houthi smuggling routes and districts in Marib province where smuggling takes place.

The base Yemen country map shows governorate boundaries and infrastructure including major roads, international airports, oil and gas fields and pipelines, tanker terminals and oil refineries.

The map is presented as a PDF file using eps graphics, meaning that there is no loss of resolution as the file is enlarged.

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