Iraq parliament

Iraq: Shia bloc gets election law changes as government finalises budget

Risk Management Reports
Issue 1166 - 27 Mar 2023 | 3 minute read

Risk Grade D4↑

Election law: Iraq’s parliament voted on 20 March to maintain the number of seats in the chamber at 329 for the next election. Five seats will be reserved for Christians, with one seat each reserved for the Sabean-Mandaean, Shabak, Faily Kurd and Yazidi minorities.

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Risk Management Report grades

GSN risk grades are intended to provide a broad guide to political and economic stability.

Political risk
Rated according to six grades, from A (most stable) to F (failed state).

Economic and financial risk
Graded from 1 (wealthiest/most sound financials) to 6 (bankrupt).

The grades are intended only to offer an immediate gauge of where risk stands in the regional pecking order. An A or 1 grade does not mean the polity is devoid of risk.

To provide a degree of nuance, risk grades also use trends arrows which go upwards (↑) or downwards () to denote cases where momentum is positive or negative.

The grades do not change regularly: upgrades and downgrades are intended to reflect long-term trends or the impact of an exceptionally changed situation.