Qatar: Two women elected in council poll

Issue 993 - 30 May 2015 | 3 minute read

Qataris voted on 13 May for a Central Municipal Council (CMC), the fifth such elections since polls began in 1999. The CMC has very limited powers, and excitement at the right to vote has dwindled over the years: turnout for the last election in 2011 was just over 43% (in 1999 it was estimated at around 90% in Doha and 60-75% in rural areas). While this year’s turnout rose significantly to around 70%, the number of registered voters hit a new low of just over 21,000 (from around 32,000 in 2011), meaning that the number of people actually voting was only slightly higher, and suggesting ongoing disillusionment with a process that has had negligible impact on power.

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