Saudi Arabia: A kingdom made in MBS's image

Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) has embarked on a series of ambitious reforms to reshape the kingdom’s economy, society and international reputation. He has also overseen a push to get more international corporates to set up bases in the kingdom and has been the driving force behind giga-projects and the Public Investment Fund's investment spree.

However, critics point to unrealistically-high ambitions and zero tolerance of public dissent.

GSN has examined how King Salman Bin Abdelaziz’s years on the throne have seen MBS take an iron grip on the kingdom and concentrated power in King Salman’s immediate familyGSN's coverage includes a Bin Salman family tree and influence chart with links to profiles of MBS and other key members of the family.


Saudi Crown Prince MBS

The family tree and influence chart above illustrates the political and economic power of the Bin Salman branch of the Al-Saud ruling family across Saudi Arabia's political and business environments.

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