UAE: Sheikh Tahnoun's business interests

UAE national security advisor Sheikh Tahnoun Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan (TBZ) has become the commercial leviathan of the UAE, with extensive business interests that make him a quietly dominant figure on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

Tahnoun’s $1trn-plus investment empire, mixing private and public funds, is in full expansion mode. Investments by his main vehicle, Royal Group Holding, and its numerous offshoots cover a broad range of sectors. One recent focus has been artificial intelligence (AI), a sector with clear national security implications.

GSN has been following a rapid process of restructuring and reorganisation of this empire and the identities of those individuals who work most closely with him, including his powerful Bani Fatima brothers

GSN's coverage includes a series of organisation charts – covering Royal Group HoldingGroup 42, Q Holdings, Chimera Investments and 2PointZero – to help explain the links between these business interests.


Tahnoun entities logos

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Issue 1188 - 06 June 2024

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The charts above show the connections between Sheikh Tahnoun's business interests. Each chart links through to wider Gulf States Newsletter analysis and profiles of other key parts of his investment empire.