Power politics and economic trends in 2022

GSN Risk Management Report special Issue cover, January 2022

20 Jan 2022

Political rapprochement between GCC rivals, along with rich pickings from high oil prices and a successful coronavirus vaccine rollout meant the past year has been a relatively benign one for those outside the region’s conflict zones, according to GSN’s annual survey of developments across the region.

In this special issue, we present refreshed Risk Management Reports for each of the nine countries in the region (as well as the Kurdistan region and individual UAE emirates) and some big picture analysis to complement GSN’s usual detailed focus on the minutiae of political and business life



INTRODUCTION: Autocrats consolidate boosted by oil    3


REGION: Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE new path for defence    6
MAP: Defence and security in the GSN region    7


ECONOMIES: Covid conditions ease for governments    8


BAHRAIN: Economic reform expected from rigid regime    10
MAP: Bahrain    11
IRAN: Hardliners consolidate in Tehran    12
MAP: Iran    13
IRAQ: Crisis eased by higher oil prices    14
MAP: Iraq    15
IRAQI KURDISTAN: Post-election haggling over nominee    16
MAP: Kurdistan Region of Iraq    17
KUWAIT: New cabinet in place, old debates continue    18
MAP: Kuwait    19
OMAN: Provinces pushed to develop economies    20
MAP: Oman    21
QATAR: Gas boom as Doha starts World Cup countdown    22
MAP: Qatar    23
SAUDI ARABIA: MBS remaking kingdom in his image    24
UAE: Complex regional links, easing covid restrictions    26
MAP: UAE    27
EMIRATES: The seven members of the UAE federation    28
MAP: Energy industry in the Gulf    29
YEMEN: Fighting continues amid arms and ship seizures     30
MAP: Yemen    31


POLITICS: Kuwait    32
DIPLOMATIC BRIEF: Region, Bahrain/Saudi, Oman/Saudi    32
ROYALS WATCH: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia    32
UAE/YEMEN/REGION: Houthi strike on Abu Dhabi    33
ROYALS WATCH: Saudi releases, Tabuk governor, MBR    34
IRAN: Pakistan-Afghanistan security talks    34
SAUDI ARABIA: Al-Owais at Presidency of State Security    34
FINANCE: Oman, Saudi Arabia, UAE’s Sheikh Tahnoun    34
ENERGY AND INDUSTRY: Oman’s Block 10    35


An independent voice navigating a complex geography    35

GSN 2022 Risk Management Reports special issue


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