Succession in Saudi Arabia: Anatomy of the Al Saud

Anatomy of the Al-Saud

16 Jul 2015

Anatomy of the Al Saud: Descendants of King Abdelaziz was updated July 2015 to reflect recent changes in the Al Saud including the accession of King Salman. This report was originally developed as a resource to help GSN staff and analysts at parent company, Cross-border Information (CbI), to track power shifts and decision-making within Saudi Arabia. The report as now available to subscribers includes detailed information on third, fourth and fifth generation princes and princesses. (In this we consider that King Abdelaziz – Ibn Saud – was the first generation and his children the second generation of the ruling family.) £950 excl VAT for GSN subscribers

Succession in Saudi Arabia: Anatomy of the Al Saud


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