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GSN allows investors, businesses, advisors and governments to navigate and stay abreast of the personalities, politics and entities shaping the Gulf and their evolving relationships

Profiles of key players

To assist investors, businesses, advisors and governments to understand the ruling elites who shape the region's politics and business environments, GSN maintains profiles of Key players across the region.

Providing succinct notes on such areas as family, business, career, politics and outlook, these profiles are linked to additional fresh reporting, and curated material sourced from GSN's 40 year-plus archive.

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Influence Atlas

A reformulated library of influence charts, organograms and family trees is now linked to incisive profiles and analysis, fresh reporting, and curated material from GSN’s unique 40-year old archive. 

These charts are published alongside maps and graphics originally published within the newsletter to illustrate articles – these range from country maps providing an overview of key infrastructure and energy facilities to graphics ilustrating key policies and economic data.

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Risk Management

GSN’s risk reports provide a guide to political and economic stability, covering:
●    Decision-making structures and weaknesses
●    Economy: opportunities and threats
●    Wealth: sources and control
●    Security: threats and responses
●    Geopolitics: diplomacy and regional relations
●    Society
●    Historical perspective

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GSN archive

The online GSN archive stretches over 40 years, providing an incredible depth of independent coverage on Gulf politics and the region's ruling elites.

Stretching back to an era where high-level analysis for businesses and embassies operating in the region were only published in paper form, these searchable pdfs provide a wealth of analysis that is not available elsewhere.

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