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The online GSN archive stretches over 40 years, providing an incredible depth of independent coverage on Gulf politics and the region's ruling elites.

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Stretching back to an era where high-level analysis for businesses and embassies operating in the region were only published in paper form, these searchable pdfs provide a wealth of analysis that is not available elsewhere.

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Maps and graphics

GSN has an extensive archive of maps and graphics, most of which were originally published within the newsletter to illustrate articles - these range from country maps providing an overview of key infrastructure and energy facilities to graphics ilustrating key policies and economic data.

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Family trees

GSN has a library of succinct family trees on all 13 Gulf ruling families. Alongside a main graphic the trees have notes on the family’s history, succession issues and key personalities.

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Our GSN reports are a must read for anyone with a serious interest in the Gulf.

Each report has been carefully curated by the GSN editorial team, selecting the best articles from our regular Gulf States Newsletter coverage.

The reports may be purchased separately or are available as part of a full annual GSN subscription.

Research reports

GSN's parent Cross-border Information (CbI) focuses on bespoke research but has also produced a number of  off-the-shelf research reports to help you understand the relationships that underpin business and politics in the Gulf.


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