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Bahrain faces new tensions as King Hamad hands more power to son Nasser

A fresh wave of protests centred on conditions in Jaw prison points to a resumption of public tensions between the authorities and Shia opponents after a period of relative calm. Meanwhile, in line with the recent pattern of political developments in other Gulf monarchies, ever more influence is being concentrated in the hands of the king’s immediate family, as his security-focused son Sheikh Nasser is given new influence over a crucial sector of the economy.

Issue 1125 - 06 May 2021


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MBS opens up on regional issues but keeps firm grip at home

 There is mounting evidence of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS)’s recent appreciation of diplomatic endeavours, which is apparent in the revelations of talks with Iran in Baghdad (GSN 1,124/17), renewed attempts to secure a peace deal in Yemen, signs of a reset of relations with Syria and Turkey and the Al-Ula agreement in January, which ended the Qatar boycott.

Issue 1125 - 06 May 2021

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